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Internet issues problematic for the productive

Students at Lock Haven University depend on the internet service provided to get their assignments successfully completed on time. However, many students are left struggling with their work due to slow internet speeds, troubles logging in, frequent log outs or the internet crashing completely.

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Mysterious stones stir up connection to the past

Last week the Eagle Eye published a picture of a granite like stone that was egg shaped and ornate. It turns out that there is a very interesting and historical connection to the LHU campus and these large rounded stones. Joby Topper, the Director or Library and Information Services let me in on the history behind these sculptural details that are over 100 years old.

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Keys to Penn State beating Ohio State

Somewhere in Central Pennsylvania, there is a buzz. It is the type of buzz that comes about when there is a somewhat big football game in the central part of the state. And by somewhat big football game, I mean Penn State football.

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Pennsylvania chooses life for drug users

At the beginning of the month, Governor Tom Corbett shocked the commonwealth by doing something human: he signed into a bill that will help save countless lives from the heroin and opiate epidemic sweeping Pennsylvania.


Campus groups work to raise awareness

Colleges Against Cancer and Zeta Tau Alpha hosted their annual Pink Week events to raise awareness of Breast Cancer during Oct 6 through 11. Pink Week is held in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and is done every year on campus.


Popular television writer preaches equal representation

Popular television writer preaches equal representation

I’ve said this numerous times that Shonda Rhimes is by far one of the greatest television writers of all time. She’s amazing to say the least. Shonda Rhimes is an African-American screenwriter, director and producer. She’s best known as the creator of the infamous medical drama television series “Grey’s Anatomy”


Mimas mimics the Death Star

Mimas mimics the Death Star

There is a moon orbiting Saturn that has not one but two interesting features. One external and the other is a possible internal deviation from the norm for a moon. Let’s begin with the obvious one; it looks like the Death Star. Yes, quite simply the overall shape and the large crater, called Herschel, makes this satellite orbiting Saturn resemble the Death Star of Star Wars fame.


LHU Athletics & the community come up big for local food banks

LHU Athletics & the community come up big for local food banks

LHU athletics have decided to participate in the campus wide Hunger Bowl. To make a bigger impact in the Hunger Bowl, Haven Athletics got the community involved and put their Reverse Trick-or-Treating program into place, which was organized by Sport Administration Juniors, Stephanie Gelet and Kelly Schlick


Rape: BU student’s story

Rape: BU student’s story

About a week and a half ago, I had a difficult conversation with a friend of mine who attends Bloomsburg University. She told me the tale of her weekend, during which one of her sorority sisters was raped. Worse, when they took her to Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital, the staff discouraged her from proceeding with a rape kit.


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