Staff Editorial

By Eagle Eye Staff in Perspectives
September 15, 2011

Parking on campus although a trite and boring issue, is still nonetheless, an issue. Lock Haven students recently lost the parking lot across the street from Sloan due to construction of dorms, but have acquired the staff lot directly behind Zimmerli as well as more spaces by the Health Professions Building.

We always applaudedLockHavenUniversityfor providing such a cheap parking decal price. $10 is reasonable, especially considering the fact that the parking was so competitive. But now, the cost has gone up for all commuter parking stickers, from $10 dollars to $40.

The Zimmerli lot is considered “Reserved” parking, and there were only a small amount of those decals that went so fast that they were pretty much gone the day the semester started, so only students that happened to be on campus and aware of the situation were able to purchase them. They were $50, and guaranteed the student a parking spot. Despite there being no more purple reserved decals available, there’s still a half empty parking lot. Why not sell a decal for each spot?

Many students, especially commuters, want to know “why the drastic increase?”. It’s understandable to increase as time goes, but to go from $10 directly to $40 within one year, is frustrating. There was no real announcement of the change in price, most students just had to wander up there expecting to pay $10 to find that the price had more than doubled.

Students are on a limited budget as it is. Paying $40 to hopefully get a parking spot on campus is the last thing a student is worrying about or wants to worry about. The $600 they’re paying for textbooks is more of a priority. 

Perhaps the reason for the increase in price was to discourage some students from buying decals and to park off campus, so that the competitiveness of parking on campus is lessened. If that’s the case, while that may be an effective way of resolving the situation, the university is just burning yet another hole in our pocket, along with textbooks that professors choose not to use, seemingly unnecessary fees that come along with tuition, and a million other things that add up over a student’s college career.

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