The Oracular Beard with Jared Conti

By Jared Conti in Arts & Entertainment

February 9, 2012


Jared Conti/Eagle Eye

Christmas is one of those times of years where it can be aggravating to purchase that perfect gift for someone you love. You’ve certainly never bought for me, then. Although some of these were on my list, there were a few interesting selections that’ll keep me reading for months. If all else fails, you can just get me a gift certificate.

The Fountainhead

Ayn Rand

Gift from: sister’s boyfriend

Another of those doorstop books, but I’ve never been more pleasantly surprised by the content. A classic with type so tiny you’d have to wear glasses even if you weren’t getting old. The book follows a couple of architects in the throes of the great depression: one guy is a user, another just wants to build no matter the cost. Rand has had some connections to Frank Lloyd Wright, so I’m interested to see where this heads. Real deep read, but quite an easy read, unlike many classics.


Stephen King

Gift from: little brother

King handles time-travel so deftly that at points you’re getting caught up not so much in the when, but the where. Though his recent stuff has been hit-or-miss, he excels mightily, making time travel make sense for once. Cameos and nods to other King books abound, and you’ll be wondering if he really saved the day. Full review next week.

Jared Conti/Eagle Eye

The Unwritten, volumes 3 & 4

Writer: Mike Carey, Artist: Peter Gross

Gift from: Mom and Bob

LHU has a graphic novel course now?! I know it’s not just a rumor, and makes me slightly ashamed I didn’t drag my feet just a little longer so I could’ve finished my college career with something like this. Comics and literature go hand-in-hand, and The Unwritten is about a young man whose father has based an entire Harry Potter-ish story about him. Taking leads from hundreds of years of literature, we find Tommy Taylor on the run for his life. Lemme know if anyone needs tutoring in graphic novels.

One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair

Allan Peterkin

Gift from: Uncle Kevin

In keeping with the feel of my column, what better book to receive?! This extensive look at beards through the ages shows us what a world we live in with accordance to facial hair. Chock full of pictures and plenty of notations and beard facts and figures make this book a very hairy read.

Jared Conti/Eagle Eye

The Lego Book

Daniel Lipkowitz

Standing Small: Celebration of 30 Years of the Lego Minifigure

Nevin Matell

Gift from: Uncle Steve

In a strange turn of events, this is by far the best, well thought out gift ever from Uncle Steve. Book one chronicles the 50+ year history of Lego toys, including their transition of the blocks throughout time. Plenty of cultural influence, too.  Book 2 is a nifty picture guide of all the minifigures available that are out there to receive in building sets. Though not each and every figure, there’re some really neat gems!

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