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“To whom it may concern…”

Letter to the editor in Opinions

March 1, 2012


Shame on you for allowing some naive journalism student for publishing an article blasting Greek life on the LHU campus.  I’m glad that the Eagle Eye supports underage drinking and perpetuating the stereotyping of fraternities of the 20th century.

Wake up people, it’s 2012 and things have changed.  What is the issue with fraternities who don’t thrive on alcohol and partying?  Are fraternities requried to do that?  Does that make them awesome?

Also, when printing information…who are the KT’s?  Are you refering to the TKE brothers who lost their charter and house off-campus because of partying and legal issues?  Oh, that’s right, because according to your crack reporting, that’s what fraternities are supposed to be all about.

In the future, instead of shooting down Greek Life that actually does some good in the community, why not build it up so that your awesome reporter Aron has a reason to join a fraternity?  Oh wait…no one would probably accept him because of his skewed perception of reality in 2012.  No bid for him…sorry.  Guess he will have to find friends in the Magic: The Gathering Club that meets on campus.

I don’t expect a reply because you will probably be sitting there with your tail between your legs just like you always do.  When I was an undergrad at LHU, we called the Eagle Eye out for misreporting a fundraising activity that was totally inaccurate.  Guess things haven’t changed much…


Bryan Mohr,

Former LHU student


Editors Note: The Eagle Eye would like to remind its readers that the staff does not support underage drinking or other illegal behavior.

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