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Jive with Josie

Got a question, need an answer or just plain nosy? Then send your questions in and jive with Josie. She’s here to help with all your life’s dilemmas, so drop her an e-mail at jivewithjosie@yahoo.com. It’s completely anonymous, so spill your guts and get some advice.


Dear Josie,

This semester has been rough on me academically. And by rough, I mean that I’m practically failing two classes. I would have to get an A both of the finals to pass the classes. Yeah, it’s that bad.  I guess you could say I got a little bit caught up in my social life and neglected to attend/do work for my classes, especially the less interesting ones. I consider this to be a learning experience, but I have a feeling my parents (who are funding my education) might not be quite as thrilled about my new life lesson. How do I break the news to them, and break my bad study habits next fall?


Dunce Cap


Dear Dunce,

I wish I could tell you this is okay; however, neglecting your classes is one of the worst things you can do. I would advise you to go to every class from here on out and begin making study guides for your classes. Go to any of the study groups that the classes may have and even check out the tutoring center for extra help. You should be cracking down right now and working as hard as you can. If you have slacked off until now, you cannot change that, but you can change what happens from here on out. Look over notes from before and get in touch with people who have been to class and get their notes. I know my parents are strict about grades, and if I were failing two classes I would be in a load of trouble. Breaking the news to them is not going to be easy but it needs to be done.  As for the fall, crack down, but don’t break down. I’ve told my parents numerous times I will do better the next semester and they have not believed me until I have proven to them that I did better. Focus, focus, focus. You can pull through.

<3 Josie



Listen, everyone keeps saying that I’m an attention whore. But I just really feel that I need to update my friends on Facebook with what I’m doing fairly often. I spend a lot of my time posting clever and hilarious statuses, and I comment on my other friends’ statuses a lot, because that’s what friends do, right? For some reason, it seems like the people who used to be my friends don’t want to be around me anymore because I have an “ego” or “talk about myself too much.” How can I get people to understand that I just gotta be me?



Dear Misunderstood,

Try focusing on your friends. If someone has a Facebook status that says “Had a bad day,” don’t reply with “omg me too this this and this happened it was HORRIBLE!” Instead, try saying, “I’m sorry, what happened?” Something nice and sweet that lets your friends know you still care about them. As for updating your status fairly often, stop. Just stop. There is nothing healthy about the need to constantly update your Facebook status via your cell phone or computer. Finals are coming up and you should be focused on them. Facebook is a website that will be there at the end of the semester when you have nothing else to do over the summer. Stay off Facebook for a bit and start texting or calling your friends to hang out more and get together. It will let your friends know that you are about them as well and not just focused on a website. The personal experiences are what gives us memories to remember throughout our lives…. not just the Facebook pictures.

<3 Josie

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