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Got a question, need an answer or just plain nosy? Then send your questions in and jive with Josie. She’s here to help with all your life’s dilemmas, so drop her an e-mail at jivewithjosie@yahoo.com. It’s completely anonymous, so spill your guts and get some advice.


Dear Josie,

I think I might have a problem with alcohol, but I’m not really sure. When I started college, I would pretty much only drink when I was out with my friends and having a good time, which was fine. But now that I’m a senior, I’ve really come to like how relaxed drinking makes me feel, and so I drink pretty much every night. Sometimes by myself. I don’t feel like I “need” alcohol or anything like that, and I’m not having problems with school or other parts of my life. I just use it as a stress-reliever, but I feel like it’s becoming too frequent. Do I need to stop, or is this kind of thing okay?




Dear Thirsty,

Now that you are legally allowed to buy alcohol, it is something new and exciting. However, drinking every night might not be a good idea. If you are not having a problem anywhere else I congratulate you. But unless you are drinking small amounts with food it is not healthy. If you drink in moderation and even with food it might be better. I looked on WebMD, and I got results saying if you drink with food, it can actually decrease your hunger.  But drinking in moderation with meals is applied to a healthy diet. If you are eating burgers every night with a bottle of beer or more, then I would advise trying to cut back. I would advise in general to cut back to maybe one bottle or only one drink a night if it is not affecting you any other way. Getting completely smashed every night is not healthy for anyone, and although it might be fun in the moment, it can cause problems. Cut back a little, and try to never drink alone.

<3 Josie


Dear Josie,

I’m terrible at making friends. Before I went away to college, I had this idea in my mind that I would meet tons of people and have a huge group to hang out with all the time. But my freshman year is almost over, and I still haven’t found a “group.” I miss my friends back home, and have only made a couple friends here that I actually spend time with outside of classes. I don’t expect to start a bunch of new friendships this late in the year, but what should I do differently in the fall to make more friends?




Dear Lonely,

Sometimes it takes people a little longer to open up and find a group of friends. Be happy about the few that you have. Quality over quantity, I always say. If you would like to become a social butterfly in the fall then I would say check out Greek life. There are sororities and fraternities that have recruitment in the fall and in the spring. I would suggest going out for those because it could make you the man or woman you desire to be. If you feel you are not “Greek” material, then join some clubs on campus. There are many clubs and there is even a club fair normally held toward the beginning of the semester. Search for what interests you and write your name down. I hope you find somewhere you belong on this campus.

<3 Josie


Dear Josie,

I am FREAKING OUT about my future! It seems like everyone else around me in my classes is getting internships or working on their resumes while I’m drifting along. I don’t have hands-on experience in my field yet, nor do I even know where to begin to look for an internship. I keep hearing about how hard it is to get hired after college, and that just makes me even more nervous. I only have one year before I graduate, and I feel like I’m so behind the curve. How do I keep myself from ending up unemployed after college?




Dear Slacker,

I would advise going to your advisor and seeing what they can do. Also, check online for opportunitie in your field and look up internships. Take a deep breath because sometimes you might be further along than you think. See your advisor and see what they have to say. They might even be able to hand you some internship information or find a way around something. Don’t stress out too much, you have one more year to catch up and if you have to go for an extra year or so, good luck.

<3 Josie

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