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GSA invited to award winning poetry reading

By Kayla Marsh

The Lock Haven GSA was invited to a poetry reading on Wednesday April 16 at Bloomsburg university.

The poetry was being read by acclaimed slam poet Andrea Gibson. Gibson is an award winning poet whose poetry focuses on the fight against patriarchy and preaches against the prejudices of the LGBTQ community.

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Four unique and odd artists to check out

By Kathleen Ellison

Art is certainly a unique and fascinating field of expression; from abstract to realism it challenges the mind and the eye. Sometimes it can present itself in incredibly distinctive and sometimes odd ways. These are three of my favorite unique artists.

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The Album Arena: The future looks grim for Future’s “Honest” album

By Spencer McCoy

Nayvadius Cash, more commonly known as Future is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who made his first appearance back in 2010 is back with his latest album “Honest” set to release April, 22. Well, yesterday, “Honest” was leaked and it’s being streamed on MTV’s website for fans to hear a week before the album drops.

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Vulture blog perfect for television and movie fanatics

By Megan Wetzel

Keeping up with new movies and television shows can get a little overwhelming. Most of us however just don’t know where to look or begin. An easy solution to this is checking out Vulture is a blog dedicated to bringing their audience entertainment news.

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Top five Marvel superheroes of all time

By Zach Estright

Marvel, created by Stan Lee, is one of the most popular comic book and movie franchises of the 21st century. Lee created some of the most original characters with creative backgrounds, that’s what lures people in with Marvel, the obstacles of each character that makes them who they are today. Now comes time for the top 5 of the best Marvel Superheroes of all time.

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