Top five sports movies, continued

By John Sosnowski February 16, 2017 Last week, my colleague offered a list of his top 5 sports films. A quality list though it was, it left out several of my favorites, especially left-field selections outside of men’s stick-and-ball sports. So, I present 5 more sports films worth a watch. Little Giants “That’s no cheerleader, […]


Taste of the World: Puerto Rico

By Bret Pallotto March 9, 2017 Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, but the island is heavily influenced by both Caribbean and Spanish culture. Puerto Rico, which translates to “rich port” in English, was once a colony of Spain and many landmarks from that time period can still be seen today. Their […]


Visit Centralia to Get a Fine

By Analee Gentzel March 9, 2017 The famous “Graffiti Highway” on Route 61 in Centralia has been known to attract visitors far and wide since it became a popular touring spot due to an underground fire that is still burning today. The ghost town has gained even more attention since being the influence of the […]


The war for drugs: Why all drugs should be legal

By Derek Danneker March 9, 2017 I exited the chilled and blusterous air created by the departing trains, rounding the corner of the marbled floor and tiled walls to ascend up the stairs. Our itinerant coalition arrived at Suburban Station, Philadelphia, on our way to celebrate the impending marriage of our compatriot. As I hit […]


Lacrosse dominates in season opener

By Jayson Moyer March 9, 2017 The Lock Haven University Lacrosse team, sparked by seniors Rachel Engler and Shannon Bissnette, got off to a blistering start to the 2017 campaign with an 18-5 rout over Chestnut Hill on Tuesday at Charlotte Smith Field. Engler scored six goals and added an assist, while Bissnette tallied four […]