90s albums you may have missed

John Sosnowski Copy Editor jsosnows@lockhaven.edu April 20, 2017 It seems nostalgia for the pop culture of the Nineties is at an all-time high. With the twenty and thirty-somethings who grew up with it now plodding through in a poor economy, can you blame them for feeling sentimental about Nicktoons and “Space Jam?” The reminiscence extends […]


Upgrade your style

John Sosnowski Copy Editor jsosnows@lockhaven.edu April 20, 2017   Some guys might think that style is something you either have or don’t, or that improving yours requires spending hundreds apiece for shirts you saw in fashion magazines. I used to live in graphic tees and shabby jeans, partly due to personal preference in younger years […]


O’Reilly bites the dust

Derek Danneker ddd4907@lockhaven.edu Opinions Editor April 20, 2017   The Bill O’Reilly Show will not be returning to the Fox News Channel amid sexual misconduct accusations. The top-ranked, primetime show would have entered its 21st season. The Show has been hemorrhaging advertisers, the number has risen to over 50, since The New York Times revealed […]


Marijuana: the medicine, the misinformation, and the legality

James Harkness Guest Writer jrh4558@lhup.edu April 20, 2017   Reefer, pot, weed, or even the somewhat menacing devil’s lettuce are all terms many of us are familiar with. So many names given to the plant more formally known as marijuana, or cannabis (whichever rolls off your tongue nicer). Though native to Asian climates, marijuana, and […]


Baseball wins series against Bloom

Jayson Moyer Editor-in-Chief jpm362@lockhaven.edu April 20, 2017   The Lock Haven University Baseball team (23-9, 11-5 PSAC) continued its hot play this season, taking three out of four from Bloomsburg this past weekend. Nick Hornbaker tossed six innings of scoreless relief in game one, striking out seven, to lead the Bald Eagles to a series […]