From the bookshelf with Jared Conti

By Jared Conti in Arts & Entertainment September 29, 2011 ------------------------- Consumerism and You In what I hope doesn’t become habit-forming, I’ll be moving into new digs at the end of the week. In short order this backwoods mountain man will be moving on up to squatting in a real house! Though my inhabitation is completely … Continue reading From the bookshelf with Jared Conti


Police news

9/20: Damages to tangible property 9/22 Accidents involving damage to unattended property 9/23 Registration and certificate of title required. Operation of vehicle without certificate of inspection 9/24 Purchase/consumption/possession or transportation of alcohol 9/25 Purchase/consumption/possession or transportation of alcohol

Haven History: The Apprehension of Helen Keller

By Lou Bernard in Arts & Entertainment September 29, 2011 ------------------------- Question: What’s the difference between a famous handicapped woman and a Prohibition-era bootlegger? Answer: Don’t worry. In 1926, the Feds didn’t know, either. Back then,LockHavenUniversitywas still theCentralStateNormal School, largely a college for future teachers. On Apr. 27, 1926, they had a very special guest speaker, … Continue reading Haven History: The Apprehension of Helen Keller

Rap album lacks, but delivers

By John Sosnowski in Arts & Entertainment September 29, 2011 ------------------------- Sean Price of Random Axe said “you can call me one dimensional” on Random Call. This itself is a bold statement, but where the collaborative project lacks diversity in subject matter, they make up for it with style and wit. Walking the hallowed ground of … Continue reading Rap album lacks, but delivers

Exchange students give perspectives

By Michelle Albert in News September 29, 2011 -------------------------- Students Jihyun Roh, from Chungham University in South Korea, and Derrick Heller, from Lock Haven University, offered insight into their own cultures and the new cultures they experienced through the Study Abroad program at Lock Haven University. Students and faculty attended this program to learn more about … Continue reading Exchange students give perspectives

UK’s Heart in Hand debuts melodic “Only Memories”

By Adam Williams in Arts & Entertainment September 29, 2011 ------------------------- The United Kingdom has been producing some amazing melodic hardcore bands over the past few years, and none of them are coming close to Bournemouth/Southampton natives, Heart In Hand. Heart In Hand formed just under three years ago and have been on the grind ever … Continue reading UK’s Heart in Hand debuts melodic “Only Memories”

Fantasy football 4-1-1

By John Vitale in Sports September 29, 2011 -------------------------- Torrey Smith, Victor Cruz, Brandon Gibson, Denarius Moore, even the Colts and Bills all served as productive fantasy contributors in week three of the fantasy football season. Hopefully you were one of those owners with impeccable fantasy forecasting skills that gave those players a well-timed start. If … Continue reading Fantasy football 4-1-1

A life changing experience

By Kathryn Summers in News September 29, 2011 ------------------------- Last semester, history major Sythia McLaughlin took a risk and left America to study abroad and experience a different culture in Scotland. Studying abroad was a personal choice for Sythia, who is now a senior. When asked why she chose that specific country, she replied, “It wasn’t … Continue reading A life changing experience

Take a second step

By Jeremy Pearson in News September 29, 2011 -------------------------- As childhood obesity continues to rise and kids find themselves with less physical activities, Cora Allen from Central Mountain high school decided to make a difference by working with the organization In Your Shoes for her senior project. When assigned the senior project Cora wanted to do … Continue reading Take a second step