Guest speaker inspires students to aim high throughout upcoming school year

By Jeremy Pearson in News

September 15, 2011


Photo courtesy of Google Images

Guest speaker Julie Fisher inspired students to set ambitious goals and to never give up with her speech at the fall 2011 convocation ceremony held Wednesday afternoon.

The ceremony started with words from LHU’s new president Dr. Michael Fiorentino, welcoming new students for Lock Haven and said that Lock Haven University is a “wonderful and welcoming place where students success is highly prized” and that he wants to make this academic year challenging, rewarding, and especially fun.

President Fiorentino gave the podium to Julie Fisher of Center Rock Inc. located in Berlin Pa.

Julie and her husband Brandon heard about the 2010 Chilean mining accident one Sunday morning on the news and that the miners were projected to get out of the mine by Christmas

The Fishers knew that they could make a difference in those lives trapped underground so they boarded a plane and shipped equipment to the site.

Fisher said “UPS donated every dollar of every shipment that was sent to the site through their humanitarian department.”

She also mentioned that UPS wanted to be unknown and sent the materials in nameless trucks.

Through out the drilling Fisher’s company ran into trouble such as breaking the drill bit or bending steel and machinery through awkward openings and tunnels.

Fisher said “Through a lot of faith and a lot of prayer and a lot of never giving up by the team they were able to get through.”

When the mine was finally drilled through the men inside felt as if they had contact with the outside world for the first time since the cave in.

Fisher talked about how before they arrived to the mining site they didn’t know anybody at all and after 37 days of working they felt like family.

Wrapping up her speech Fisher reminded the audience how lucky students in America are to have the opportunities they have to pursue an education.

The workers from Chile had a mindset that Americans are very arrogant and spoiled.

Fisher’s ending remark was to “stick with what ever you are working on, aim high, and always have a goal to work towards.”


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