Police News

September 7th

  • Campus police assisted city police at the Lock Haven hospital

September 9th

  • Officer reported that someone was driving while the operating PRV was suspended onWest Church St, a citation was issued
  • A suspicious person/activity at Bentley Hall on campus was reported
  • Woodward Automotive came to campus to repo an SUV
  • Possible alcohol in a room in Gross Hall was reported
  • An overdose on marijuana in a room in Gross Hall was reported

September 11th

  •  An officer was out on foot pursuit at East Campus
  •  Report of a group of individuals causing disturbance onNorth Jones St
  •  An R.A. atCampusVillagerequested an ambulance for an unresponsive female, an arrest was made
  •  Gas tank doors are reported of being opened and is under investigation
  •  Authorities were looking for a white male approx. 6’-6’2” wearing a green shirt, became out of campus PD jurisdiction

September 12th

  •  A wallet with ID and approx. $10 was removed from a table at Bentley, it is considered ‘dead’ and pending leads
  • Possible harassment from a male was reported
  • A report that a decal was stolen was declared dead and pending leads
  • A report of odd phone calls at High Hall

September 13th

  •  Campus police assisted LHPD

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