LHU faculty’s songs entered in Georgia singing competition

By Erin Tierney in Arts & Entertainment

September 22, 2011


Max McGee/Eagle Eye

For those of you who have lived in or moseyed around Smith Hall at LHU, you may be familiar with the Resident Director, Michael “Max” McGee.

McGee has assisted LHU since 1988, and describes himself as “the mom and dad, disciplinarian, listening ear, fixer-upper, community shaper for 248 students.”
A hidden talent probably to most of us, McGee is now looking for Lock Haven’s help to showcase a side of him students haven’t seen before: as a songwriter.
APhillipsburg native, McGee is a LHU alumnus, and has been a poet for some 40 years, he said. He has gained much recognition writing for numerous genres, focusing on lyrics for country, rock, gospel, R&B and alternative music.

He has won a great deal of contests; few being the Great American Song Competition, the John Lennon Song Competition, and was considered a Semi-finalist and Honorable Mention in too many competitions to count.
His current claim to fame is in episode 208 of A&E’s television show “The Glades,” which aired July 31, and featured his song “Get Me Out of Here.”
McGee’s ambitions are now focused on getting twoGeorgia female artists, Courtney Darwin and Meagan Kerns, who both sing songs written by McGee, to win Georgia Female Artist of the Year on an online competition.
Courtney Darwin and Meagan Kerns are both up-and-coming country artists who have “phenomenal, strong voices,” McGee said.
“Courtney and Meagan are both in the top 6 of their categories, and to win something like this could potentially launch their career,” McGee said.
So this is where LHU students come in. “If we could get the students to vote for Courtney and Meagan, it is a strong possibility they can win the competition,” McGee said.
So, what do we do? Support Max McGhee and go to www.georgia-country.com/awards.php and vote for Courtney and Meagan, and then tell others to do the same.

The competition ends at noon on Oct. 9, so time to vote is running fast.

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