LHU student to produce Internet TV show

By Tabitha Whitesel in Arts & Entertainment

September 22, 2011


Eagle Eye

All around campus, there are posters advertising the new internet TV show SPED. Despite the name, the show has a rather interesting story behind its creation.

Chris Markle, a Lock Haven University junior majoring in Recreactional Managemenr, decided to produce SPED, a comedy/drama which will debut on YouTube.com this summer.

When asked about the name, Markle said that it was not to offend people, but rather to show that we are all the alike in an educational manner. The show is about “accepting others, their differences, and who they are. When you accept someone else, they will accept you for who you are,” said Markle.

“I thought about doing this show five years ago except it has evolved from where it is now,” said Markle. Although the show idea was created five years ago, the meaning behind it has changed drastically from its original form. Markle said that he has mapped out for three seasons, but he would like to gain feedback from the viewers after the first season before continuing with later seasons. Each season is expected to have 11 episodes.

Markle has previous experience in YouTube videos for class projects, as well as dabbling in film, working with an independent and Hollywood picture. He wants to keep a professional setting while having a good time in the process. “We’re definitely going to do bloopers,” Markle said.

According to Markle, many of his character ideas were inspired by other media. Throughout the show, viewers will find some people have nicknames similar to their mental disorders, although there are deeper meanings behind them than face value. “It’s not really the name, I think, that classifies a character. I think it’s the mannerisms and words that they speak that classify it,” said Markle.

For those who wish to audition, each night will be videotaped and the actors will be carefully selected based on performance. As of now, Markle is looking for excited people with high energy as well as those who are willing to make friendships and lasting bonds.

Anyone interested in auditioning should be 18 or older or have parental consent before trying for a role.

Auditions will be held at 205 West Church St. Apt. 3, Lock Haven Pa., 17745 Sept. 29 and 30 at 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Photo ID is required.

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