ReelRock film tour comes to campus

By Westley Shaffer in News

September 22, 2011


Photo courtesy of Google Images

The Lock Haven University Rock Climbing Club is starting the year off strong with a large number of calendar events covering the first semester but one stands out from the rest.

President Joe Reardon and Vice President Westley Shaffer have worked for two years to bring the internationally acclaimed film festival ReelRock Film Tour to campus this year.

The Film features extreme sports such as rock climbing, ice climbing, slack line, and BASE jumping.

The ReelRock Tour Film brings the best achievements in rock climbing, ice climbing, and extreme sports around the world.

Come watch as climbers race up the largest big walls in the country and some of the most physically demanding routes in the world. Watch as slack-liners balance thousands of feet aboveYosemite Valleyon inch wide rope.

Joe and Westley have worked for nearly two years to bring the Film to campus.

We failed once at getting it here but remained determined and worked closely with the new S.A.S and ReelRock Tour staff to bring the film to campus on Oct. 13th in Price auditorium at 7pm.

The Film is played around the world in 200 locations. It is truly a unique experience forLockHavenUniversityto be able to play host to the event that has won many awards and nominations.

“It gives the local climbing and outdoor community a taste of what is truly possible in extreme outdoor sports.” says Westley Shaffer.

Our goal is to broaden the view of the local climbing community, to bring the community together to enjoy a film, and to build a sense of community.

The film will be advertised around centralPennsylvanialooking to attract climbers and outdoor enthusiasts in the area.

If any students want to learn more about the film go to to watch the trailer and can find the Climbing Club on Facebook by searching Lock Haven University Climbers.


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