Ticket for the Grand Ole Party

By Jessica Joseph in Opinions

September 22, 2011


With the upcoming presidential election coming up next November, you may be wondering who to vote for. With President Obama being the incumbent it would be most likely that he would take the presidency again, but since President Obama has not taken advantage his full capability of president,  I feel that the Republicans have a strong chance of taking his seat in 2012. Many of the Republican candidates offer strong points that would turn our country around, especially when it comes to the economy. The economy is the main issue in this election and all the Republican presidential candidates are trying to fix the economy by breaking away from the idea of a strong central government. The United States was recently compared to North Korea’s government in the amount of control it has over its people, and most of their citizens are starving while South Korea has very little power over its government and it is one of the most thriving economies in the world. The Republican Party brings a new light to the United States.  The top five presidential candidates in the Republican Party are…

Herman Cain

Photo courtesy of Google Images

1) Herman Cain is the best candidate to be the next President and for people to vote for in 2012. Cain is not a well-known name is the political world because he has never been involved strongly in politics before. Even with his lack of experience, he is a very strong presidential candidate. Since he is not influenced strongly by other people in politics, such as lobbyists, he cannot be persuaded easily. When it comes to the economy, Cain knows what it’s like being in the business world because he was the CEO of God Fathers Pizza. To fix the economy Cain has a plan to lower taxes on not only businesses but the individual citizens. With these tax cuts, he will provide long-term relief and one of the major taxes that would be eliminated is the death tax. Businesses are one of the main money providers for the United States and Cain has a plan to let businesses thrive instead of barely scraping by, by stopping the placement of so many government restrictions on things. Herman Cain has the best plan to put America’s economy in a stable place and to keep the country out of more turmoil.

Mitt Romney

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2) Mitt Romney is one of the better-known political candidates in the Republican party. He has shown that he can keep a state out of going bankrupt in the 2004 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia when he turned the city around. Romney has a plan that will step the government up and bring jobs to America. He has set up a job package deal that will be sent to Congress to be passed on the day of his inauguration and acted on within 30 days. The plan includes lowering taxes, reducing federal budget, return a lot of power when it comes to funding to states, and much more. Romney has a fast-action plan to get the United States back on its feet, which is just what this country needs in a president.

Rick Perry

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3) Rick Perry has done an excellent job being governor of Texas.  Since June 2009, more than 40 percent of all new jobs have been created in Texas thanks to Perry. Perry is a supporter of low taxes, reasonable regulations, and reduction of government spending. Perry has a background like no other presidential candidate running in this election. He knows how to put the country back on its feet and make the economy thrive again.

Michele Bachmann

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4) Michele Bachmann is the only woman running in this election. Her husband is a small business owner, so she knows what it is like to have all the restrictions that many small business owners face. She has a plan that will allow these owners to have the resources, freedom, and flexibility so that they can create jobs. She plans on cutting spending, reducing taxes and stop cap-and-trade in tracks so companies can operate again. She wants to take action with the small business and give their freedom back because this is how jobs are created. Even though Bachmann has received a lot of criticism in the media, she has a great plan to get the economy back on its feet and give people their freedom back.

5) Ron Paul is to some extent a libertarian, as he does not believe in a central government,  but he has ideas that many people have not seen before, and is giving a new picture to the political world. Paul is an older man, but he has many ideas that should be taken into consideration. Paul wants to eliminate the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Paul also wants to repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution because he finds that congress does not have the power to impose direct income tax. Paul has extremely conservative views but this may be just what our country needs.


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