A life changing experience

By Kathryn Summers in News

September 29, 2011


Kathryn Summers/Eagle Eye

Last semester, history major Sythia McLaughlin took a risk and left America to study abroad and experience a different culture in Scotland. Studying abroad was a personal choice for Sythia, who is now a senior.

When asked why she chose that specific country, she replied, “It wasn’t my first choice. My first choice was Ireland to do research on my family history. When I found out Lock Haven wasn’t offering to go there anymore, my next choice was Scotland.”

Sythia wanted to go to an English-speaking country because she had never studied a second language. In Scotland, she attended Glasgow Caledonian University.

Kathryn Summers/Eagle Eye

Some of the most valuable things Sythia gained from her experience were the friendships that she formed with other international students. They frequently gathered together at a local pub, and visited different places every weekend.
Sythia also had the chance to visit other places in Europe besides Scotland, including London, Spain and Amsterdam.

When asked why someone should study abroad, Sythia replied, “To go outside your comfort zone and to experience something different. You have to be committed and talk to your parents and make sure this is something you want do.”

There are many opportunities to study abroad at Lock Haven. If you are interesting in studying abroad and would like more information, you can visit 126-131 Akeley Hall or join the LHU Study Abroad group on Facebook.


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