Exchange students give perspectives

By Michelle Albert in News

September 29, 2011


Michelle Albert/Eagle Eye

Students Jihyun Roh, from Chungham University in South Korea, and Derrick Heller, from Lock Haven University, offered insight into their own cultures and the new cultures they experienced through the Study Abroad program at Lock Haven University.

Students and faculty attended this program to learn more about the Study Abroad program and to learn interesting facts about life in South Korea.

During the program held on Thursday, September 22nd in Raub Hall, both students gave a presentation on their experiences and engaged the audience by answering questions and showing pictures.

Roh spoke about the history of Korea, differences between South Korean and American cultures, and typical stereotypes or Koreans/Asians and Americans. Roh also provided some “fun facts” on Korea, such as: 1) making sounds while you are eating in Korea is a compliment to the chef because it shows that the food is very good, 2) Koreans have difficulty hearing and saying the letters R and L, and 3) making eye contact with people you don’t know can be considered rude in Korea. Roh also mentioned that Koreans speak very formally, so it was surprising for him to hear American students saying “What’s up?” to their professors.

Heller’s presentation gave the audience a great perspective on studying abroad.
Heller provided a wide variety of pictures from his trip to South Korea, and like Roh, showed the differences he experienced among Americans and South Koreans.

He referred to the first part of his trip to South Korea as a “culture shock” because it was so different than what he was used to in America. Heller encouraged current Lock Haven students to take advantage of the Study Abroad program because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a different culture and study in a new country.

Following the presentation, Korean snacks were served, and the audience was given the opportunity to talk with Roh and Heller and ask questions.


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