Rap album lacks, but delivers

By John Sosnowski in Arts & Entertainment

September 29, 2011


Photo courtesy of Google Images

Sean Price of Random Axe said “you can call me one dimensional” on Random Call. This itself is a bold statement, but where the collaborative project lacks diversity in subject matter, they make up for it with style and wit.

Walking the hallowed ground of boastful and violent tough guy rap lyrics, Simpson and Price go so far as to blatantly decry any effort to inject romance into hip-hop in Random Call.

But fear not, the group hasn’t released another bland trap rap album in the vein of Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s entire discographies. Rather, the group seems to breathe new life into hardcore hip-hop’s tired old tropes.

Both lyricists along with several guests bring forth a hard-hitting lyrical assault, reinforced with a substantial amount of poetic technique to satisfy both a fan’s inner thug (or poser), as well as the inner intellectual.

The lyrical might is complemented by Black Milk’s flavorful production, coming together to form a powerful and cohesive album.

Some listeners will also be tickled by the lyrical duo’s fearless embrace of geekiness, with references ranging from Star Wars to the Karate Kid. Think Tyler the Creator with flow.

While Random Call is not an instant canon album, Random Axe is worth a look for hip-hop enthusiasts who like their music with both style and substance.

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