A dream becomes a reality: LHU student signed to record label

By Jennifer Cronover in Arts & Entertainment

October 13, 2011


Seth Lowery/Eagle Eye

Lock Haven local and university junior Seth Lowery has a passion for music. While he’s been studying physical education at LHU, he’s been writing poetry, using it as a creative outlet to relieve some of the stressful situations in his life. After putting his lyrics to beats, Lowery realized his talent for creating music.

Recently, Lowery (or, “S:B,” which is his stage name) was signed to Eye Site Productions in Harrisonburg, Va. He believes hard work, perseverance, and ambition are the keys that is helping his dream become a reality.

When/how did you first get in to making music?

I have always been into music from a listening perspective. However, I didn’t start rapping until last October. Throughout life, I have always been intrapersonal and held a lot in. I found that I could write my feelings out and relieve some stress. I then started adding the poetry to beats and showed it to my roommates. They enjoyed it and that gave me the confidence to start making me own music on Garage Band and posting it on YouTube and Facebook.

What artist/artists influence you the most?

A big influence on my life from a musical standpoint is Christopher Wallace a.k.a. Biggie Smalls. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t know who Biggie Smalls even was until my senior year of high school. Then, I watched the movie “Notorious,” which is about the life of Biggie Smalls and the hip-hop scene back in the 90’s. From the movie, I really enjoyed the last quote they show from Biggie. “No Dream is Too Big.” This quote really stuck with me and I realized anyone can be anything they want. It may be more difficult for one thing than another thing, but if you really want to be it, you can be.

Another influence is rapper J.Cole. I remember reading an article that talks about him waiting outside a studio for Jay-Z for several hours, in the rain, to give him a demo of his stuff. When Jay-Z pulls up, Cole makes the offer, and Jay-Z says “I don’t want that” and walks away. Right there, most people quit. What doesn’t break you, makes you and again this shows that if you work hard for something, you can achieve it.

If you had to categorize your music, what genre would it fall under?

My music is considered rap/hip-hop. My lyrics are written through rhymes, but also tell a story with occasional punch lines. The hip-hop aspect comes from all the nice beats my producer Neili Neil is making up. Many of the beats for my tracks have the “Old School Hip-Hop” style but Neili makes a wide variety.

Do you pull your lyrics from personal experiences?

Yes, a majority of my lyrics are from personal experiences. Like I said, I have always bottled my thoughts and feelings inside and sharing them through song tells my personal experiences. I also write songs based on a certain theme or to tell a story. For example, the Keystone Little League team was a huge story this summer in the Lock Haven area, so I made a song for the team and received thousands of views online.

What made you want to make/produce your own music? Since writing music helped me relieve stress and when others told me they enjoyed my music on GarageBand, I began to get a stronger drive for it. I just really love making music because music touches so many people in different ways. It’s my dream to be on a stage with tons of people to be throwing their hands up, singing my lyrics. It’d just be so great to know I touched that many people. But no dream is too big, and if you never try, you always ask what if? That’s why I’m chasing my dream now, as well as getting my education.

You just got signed. What is the record label and what was the process?

I officially signed to Eye Site Productions – The Extended Network. My manager/producer, Neili Neil, and I first discussed the contract through email. I was pleased with the contract and the next weekend I went to Harrisonburg, Virginia to sign. These next three months will be focused on my EP. And if that goes well, I will be working on releasing my first album next year. Everyone be sure to keep an eye out and spread the word, please! The support is greatly appreciated!

How did you come up with your stage name?

My stage name is S:B. The name is simple, but yet so dynamic. The main reason I chose the name is because my first name is Seth and my middle name is Brian. Choosing just my first and middle name also represents me not choosing sides after my parent’s recent separation. Lastly, another reason I chose this name is because it is the total opposite of “BS.” Which represents me keeping my lyrics/music real.

People have told you you have a unique sound, yet you’ve been compared to famous hip-hop artists. Who do you get compared to the most?

Throughout this past year, a lot of people told me I sound like J.Cole, Mac Miller, and Wale. The J.Cole comparison was based on my lyricism. The Mac Miller comparison was based on me having a unique personality and voice. And the Wale comparison was based on my flow in several songs over the past year. All of these comparisons were great compliments because these are all great artists.

Do you collaborate with others?

When I first started rapping, I collaborated a lot with D-How, Brad Walker, and Foola. We did several songs together, including “Pass That,” produced by Neili Neil. My most recent collaboration was with Jae Griff of Uncommonweath and was called “Gambino Blowing,” also produced by Neili Neili. I currently have some ideas in mind for collaboration and plan to collaborate with other artists in the future.

There are several places you can find Seth’s music. Online, you can find it at The Extended Network (theextendednetwork.com), ReverbNation.com (username fitchmusic871sb), and Facebook (facebook.com/fitchmusic). You can also follow him on Twitter at @SB_LOWER_WHY. If you’d like to contact him personally, email Seth at fitchmusic.sb@gmail.com. Contact him for a free demo, which will be available until the EP release at the end of this year.

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