A take on Herman Cain: Qualified to be president?

By Jessica Joseph in Opinions

October 13, 2011


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With the 2012 presidential election in the near future, the Republican Party is in a rush to get a top candidate that has a chance to beat the current President. The leading candidate in the polls right now is Mitt Romney, but not far behind is presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Herman Cain is new to the political world and in the beginning of his campaign Americans were not really sure what to think of him or his views. Recent polls in Florida and in a few other large national votes, he was the number one candidate for president, beating out Mitt Romney.

However, in the past few weeks there has been harsh criticism against Cain, after what he has said in a recent debate and interview. Herman Cain has been misunderstood. Some of his comments that people find to be offensive are very accurate and he is just speaking the truth.

In an interview on Fox News Cain stated “those who do not have jobs and aren’t wealthy should blame themselves.”

This statement could be very offensive to many citizens and it may be taken that Cain is anti poor but in reality this is true.

Alot of the lower class citizens in America depend on the government to take care of their problems, with things such as welfare.

American citizens are becoming too dependent on the government and this is what Cain is trying to say. People need start making an effort to look for jobs and yes the economy is in a recession, there are however jobs out there. Citizens need to take control of their lives and stop relying on the government to fix their financial problems.

Cain has a background in business and has been faced with real world issues that many presidential candidates have not. Cain worked his way up the rankings of different companies, such as Pillsbury and Burger King and pushed through many struggles in his life and then ended up being the CEO of a Godfathers Pizza. He prevented Godfathers Pizza from going bankrupt which proves he knows how the economy functions.

This experiences he faced allowed him to have to critical economic knowledge the United States needs in a president and the statements that he said should not be.

The recent Wall Street affairs have caused much of an up rise in media and political world in the terms of unemployment. Cain said the protestors are jealous and just want to take what the rich have. This could be taken in wrong terms but inevitably it is true for a majority of the lower class population.

The lower classes of Americans, are protesting Wall Street but yet they are not the ones who make jobs or made the failed economic policies; Washington is.

The jealousy factor comes into play because he believes that people just want what they cannot have and wait for it to be given to them.

In an interview on Fox News he uses an example of his parents and how they wanted to make something better of themselves by working hard to have nice things.

Cain comes from a lower class family so he knows the hardships that these people are facing, but he saw something many people do not see they can do, he watched his parents change their economic status by working towards greatness.

When a person has a chance to work and make something of them self they should take the opportunity to earn nice things instead of waiting for the government to give it to them.

Herman Cain has no sympathy for these people protesting Wall Street because instead of trying to make a difference in their lives they are protesting on Wall Street which has nothing to do with the financial crisis of the country.

A final issue that has gotten Americans starting to go against Herman Cain is his statement about how even though there is racism in this country, it does not matter what race you are. It matters how hard you work. He has been criticized by men such as Cornel West and Harry Belafonte; they find Cain to be a “bad apple” and also against the poor and black communities.

There may be racism in the United States but that does not mean that African Americans cannot succeed. We live in a country placed with opportunities and Cain uses his family’s life story of going from rags to riches to show how blacks can make it.

Cain further says that men like West and Belafonte “don’t want black people to think for themselves.” Cain is reassuring Americans that no matter what race or ethnicity you are there is a chance for you to make it in this world. Men such as West and Belafonte want blacks to go against the government, in hopes for equal opportunities but just like every other American in this country they are given equal opportunities.

Cain in recent debates and interviews may have had some slip ups that people may find offensive but he sticks with his views.

He has recently in a Fox News interview proven himself to be a worthy candidate for presidency. He gives people hope because his life story shows people what they can become.

As the weeks go on Cain has risen drastically in the polls and will continue to grow as he becomes more equal with front runner Mitt Romney.

People have to take into consideration that Cain is new to the political world and will not be influenced greatly by lobbyists and will most likely stick to his views especially when it comes to the Unites States economy.

Herman Cain is a quality candidate for the presidency and as the G.O.P race continues more of his beliefs and qualities will inspire the American population.



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