HavenScope prepares students

By Abraham Dunmeyer in News

October 13, 2011


On the sixth floor of Robinson during Tuesdays and Thursdays, the communication media club HavenScope assists in preparing students in becoming marketable in the broadcast industry.

The Television industry is just one of the main media fields that are constantly growing in today’s job market.

Television employers prefer their new recruits to already have a strong background in working with television equipment and knowing how to perform in front of a camera.

Employers do not only want just a person that can perform well but can direct, produce a broadcast script, and work television equipment.

Being a well rounded individual can really be beneficial in the industry of television when looking for a broadcast job. Doing projects beyond class can broaden your horizon in becoming much more marketable.

HavenScope allows students to gain exterior experience beyond class assignments to better their performance and technical skill.

To make a show possible, students work in groups pitching ideas around the room to one another while being decisive on what the best idea is for a show.

Apart from the overall show production, students have the option to work in smaller groups to create their own commercial clips of whatever they want to advertise as long as everyone in their group or assisting groups can meet during a particular time to work on it.

Each member of the club receives lessons on how to work the equipment while getting practice of using it.

From all different types of equipment like camcorders, editing room boards, recorders, and the television switch board.

During the previous years in HavenScope, Dr. Karen Kline, professor in the communication department, played the students’ completed videos in segments on Channel 5, while also playing them inside the Parson Union Building.

This year she decided to let the president of HavenScope, Kenton Filipowicz, to do something new by uploading the videos onto YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media network, so people don’t have to search and can just find it through their friends.


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