Halloween comes to Renaissance Faire

By Kyra Smith-Cullen in Arts & Entertainment

October 20, 2011


Kyra Smith-Cullen/Eagle Eye

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim is currently hosting their Halloween Daze & Spooky Knights every weekend this month, and if you’re into elaborate costumes, medieval times, and Halloween activities, it is worth checking out.

Every year hosts its own scenario. This year the plot is based on members of the Italian court visiting England to propose marriage between their prince and Queen Elizabeth.

The scenario unravels through out the day, and it becomes apparent that it doesn’t suit the English people or Queen Bess, and yes, there is some jousting involved.

Any closet Pyromaniac would love to attend the joust, for the mere fact that the flames become the backdrop to the Italian’s physical attempts to force Elizabeth into marriage, which is surely a sight to be seen.

Aside from the elaborate scenarios, the costumes are just as eccentric.

People coming to this Faire this time of the year not only wear their renaissance costumes, but Halloween costumes as well. Batman was seen standing next to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, all mixed in with peasant attire, intricate chain mail and corsets.

If you’re looking to stand out in this outrageous crowd, the best way to do some is to dress as Royalty. Peasants will drop to their knees and shout praises if you have a crown on and play the part.

Aside from that, there are many other activities going on through out the day. There are re-enactment to Shakespeare plays that are interactive to the audience, and there are glass blowers and blacksmiths at work right before your eyes.

There are also a slew of comedy shows .One in particular is the “Duo of Woo”; where two Scottish cousins, use innuendo and sexual humor to entertain the crowd.

Overall, one cannot leave the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and not feel entertained, especially during Halloween season.

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