MLK legacy celebrated

By Tim Mack in News

October 20, 2011


Tim Mack/Eagle Eye

The celebration unveiling the new Martin Luther King Jr. momument took place Sunday in Washington D.C.

Thousands gathered at the celebration of the towering granite momument as early as 5 a.m to be a part of the celebration.

The unveiling was originally planned in August, however was cancelled as a result of Hurricane Irene.

Sunday, the celebration hosted a mass of prominent people, including President Obama, Stevie Wonder, Rep. John Lewis, Aretha Franklin and Dr. King’s children.

Many feel this momument is a great tribute to the legacy of Dr. King.

“The MLK memorial is a fantastic way to honor and remember one of America’s most defining and most celebrated figured, “ LHU Pre-Law Senior Jimmy Smith said. “it is my hope that the memorial will be a constant reminder of all the wonderful and uniting values MLK stood for.”

The speakers very much tied Dr. King’s legacy to present day issues. Specifically his daughter, Rev. Bernice King, reminded the crowd that just before his death, he was mobilizing a poor people’s march to occupy the nation’s capital until the economic system changed.

“Analyzing Dr. King’s stance on the economic system and the pose of the momument,” LHU International Studies Senior Michael Mehrazar said. “It’s not hard to believe that the momument is figuratively looking at every occupy wall street movement across the country with some sort of pride.”


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