Students get a taste of Spanish and Mexican culture

By Michelle Albert in News

October 20, 2011


Michelle Albert/Eagle Eye

Exchange students Fernando Castro Flores from Mexico, and Fernando Cardona Salvador and Alejandro Noguera Olivar from Spain visited the Spanish Club in Raub 212 on Tuesday, October 11 to talk about their cultures and have an open question-and-answer session with the members of the Spanish club.

The three students gave insight to life in Mexico and Spain and covered topics such as holidays, traditions, and food. Fernando Castro Flores pointed out similarities between American and Spanish holidays, using ‘el dia de los muertos’ and Halloween as an example. El dia de los muertos is about honoring deceased ancestors, whereas Halloween is more of a fun and spooky holiday.

However, one of the most important traditions in Spanish cuture is el dia de Guadalupe, honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Castro Flores stated that some traditions are very evident in both American and Spanish cultures, such as Sunday being a day of rest and is usually spent going to church and spending time with family.

When the students were asked what they liked best about Lock Haven, Castro Flores answered “the classes” without any hesitation. He enjoys the business and sports classes he takes at Lock Haven, and he also really likes the campus. Also, he said that the students here are “muy simpático”, or very nice. The exchange students also compared college life in Mexico and college life at Lock Haven.

In Mexico, it is normal to have six classes each semester, and the usual class size is about 25 students. All three students agreed that they like the residence halls and rec center at Lock Haven, especially Castro Flores who loves to play sports and stay active and healthy.

Following the presentation, Spanish snacks were served and club members hit a piñata to celebrate. The club has many more fun activities planned for the semester, so if you’re interested in Spanish culture, join the Spanish club!


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