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Crime rates on the rise at LHU

By Regan Gaenzle in News

October 27, 2011


Photo courtesy of Google Images

Crime rates, over the past three years have increased in number at Lock Haven University.

In 2008, 36 Liquor law violations occurred on campus and rose to 59 in 2009, stated on the annual security report.

Lock Haven University compared to the neighboring college, Bloomsburg University had 330 reported liquor law violations in 2008, on the American college review board.

Paul J. Altieri, Director of Public Safety stated, “Our efforts to maintain a safe and secure environment rely on our ability to develop collaborative relationships with the many communities that make up the University.

We believe that through partnering and problem solving, we can make LHU one of the safest universities in the nation.”

In 2009, on campus crime was at an all-time high with 3 drug abuse violations, 59 liquor law violations, and 8 non-forcible burglaries.

On campus police patrol on foot, in vehicles, and by bicycle 24 hours a day. Lock Haven’s officers are well-trained and have completed more than 750 hours of classroom and practical field training.

The 2011 Annual Security Report reviled that drug abuse and liquor law violations to be the main crimes committed at Lock Haven.

Drug abuse in the past three years has declined from 2008 having seven drug abuse violations to two in 2010.

Bloomsburg blew Lock Haven out of the water, having five times as many drug abuse violations in 2008.

Crime overall in Lock Haven doesn’t compare to the other Pennsylvania universities.

The Department of Public Safety is very efficient and is keeping Lock Haven as safe as it can be.

The Department offers a wide variety of programs that include safety, crime prevention, and organizations to keep students and employees aware of their safety


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