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Oleksiak ready to start fresh with Bald Eagles

By Sean Clifford in Sports

October 27, 2011


Brian Oleksiak was hired, to join Head Coach

Michael Nestor, as assistant coach for the LHU Men’s Basketball team on May 24.

The duo now faces the challenge of ressurecting a strug- gling LHU squad that only mustered a single victory a season ago.

Oleksiak graduated from Shippensburg in 2010, where he was a star player for the Red Raiders basketball team.

Upon graduating, he remained with the team as an assistant coach.

“As assistant coach I assist the head coach, Mike Nestor, in all of our day to day activi- ties such as player development, practice planning, recruiting, and scouting” Oleksiak said.

“I handle a lot of paperwork and oversee study hall hours for our student athletes. We are also looking to start organizing fundraising events to benefit our program,” he added.

Recruiting is one of the key components of the assistant coach’s job.

Both Nestor and Oleksiak target the Philadelphia region heavily for recruits as they both grew up in that area.

The current roster has 7 players from the Philadelphia area.

The two coaches are expanding their target- ed regions, and have done some recruiting in both central and north- eastern Pennsylvania.

The biggest issue facing the current bas- ketball squad is its size.

“The lack of height does concern me for sure,” said Nestor.

Oleksiak said that the two coaches are “actively recruiting athletic big men who fit our style of play” so the coaching staff is hope- ful that the lack of size will not be a long-term issue.

Oleksiak is excited for his first season to get started at Lock Haven.

“The rebuilding process is in motion and will take some time, but we believe we have a great group of young guys to help turn the program around,” he said.


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