University players present: Haunted Studio

By Andrew Gendreau in Arts & Entertainment

October 27, 2011


Lock Haven University’s local theatre group, University Players, is once again hosting the popular Haunted Studio from today to Friday, 9:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M.

Haunted Studio is the University Players’ big fundraiser that they put on every year and it is a very fun Halloween event. This year, the club will be converting East Campus to a haunted house and have its members dress up in costumes related to the theme of the Haunted Studio, which differs every year.

This year’s theme is “Night of Horror Flicks.” The Haunted Studio will place attendees in every popular horror film, all combined into one story line.

This year’s Studio is directed by a Chris Markle, a current LHU student. When asked about how the event is coming along he has this to say, “This has been very challenging trying to get this to work, but I am at a point now in which I know that this Haunted House will be well worth everyone’s time.”

This fright fest is located at East Campus’ G Side part of the building. The dates and times for Haunted Studio are October 27th & 28th from. The cost per person is $5 per person for a tour though the building. Come on down for thrills and fun.

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