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Homosexuality & Christianity: Stop judging them

By Sarah Altland in Opinions

November 10, 2011


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Recently, I have been very disturbed by the amount of hate and discrimination that I have been seeing from Christians and other religious groups against people who are gay, lesbian, transgender, and bi-sexual.

I was particularly disturbed by reading one story about a minister who ordered his congregation to go out in the parking lot and beat up his gay son and his boyfriend who were trying to come to church on Sunday.

Situations like these are unacceptable and “un-godly” for the minister to do, and I have no idea why he would judge someone else as being or acting “un-godly” for being gay.

As a Christian myself, I am extremely upset and appalled at this because Christians are taught to love everyone no matter how different and that we shall not judge others, lest we should be judged ourselves. Until everyone lives without “sin,” nobody has a right to judge anyone else for their transgressions.

What I find ironic is that some of these religious groups are saying that they are against gay people and the gay lifestyle because the Bible says it is “morally wrong,” but the Bible also says that a lot of other things are “morally wrong.”

Many people do to these things and they don’t think twice about them. Some of these ”abominations”  include eating shellfish (I guess people can no longer eat shrimp scampi), boys growing their hair long and girls cutting their hair short, getting tattoos and body piercings and touching pigskin (I guess playing football is no longer allowed).

If all of these practices are now considered “right” in God’s eyes, then why isn’t being gay?

You cannot just pick and choose certain things out of the bible that you think are “right” and “wrong” things to practice. To me, if you want to pick out one thing listed as being “wrong” in the Bible then you should think of everything listed in there as “immoral.”

That makes you a “sinner’ as well because you are not practicing ALL that the Bible preaches. If you notice however, none of these “immoral doings” are found anywhere in the New Testament of the Bible.

This is because when Jesus came to die for our sins, he said that all the old was passed away and from then on we were supposed to follow him.

What this means is that everything in the Old Testament does NOT apply to how we are supposed to live today–which means that being gay is no longer considered “wrong” or “immoral” like some religious people think.

But what I find most disturbing of all is these people who are spreading such hate against a certain group. This is NOT what the Bible teaches, so if you’re a Christian who does so, then you are being hypocritical and have no right to judge anyone else because you are also not living by the word of God by judging others.

If you can recall, back in Jesus’ day he did not go around putting people down and telling them they were going to hell for their transgressions, but instead he sat down and ate with sinners of all types–fornicators, prostitutes, liars, etc.

And the amazing part? He forgave them because he believed in spreading the message of love and not hate.

True Christians will not spread discrimination. True Christians will not spread hate, and those that do are not living by the word of God, nor are they living a “Godly” lifestyle.

I think if Jesus were walking around on Earth today, he would be truly disgusted by how his people are mistreating others under his name.

But whatever anyone’s religious or non-religious beliefs are, I think it is time that we all stop the hate, and that we all take a long look in the mirror before we decide to judge someone else, because nobody is perfect.

I admit that there are times that I am ashamed of being a Christian when I look at the havoc that some are causing, and to those people I would like to say “What you are doing is not ‘scaring’ people into being straight, or making people take your side. If anything you are turning people off from practicing the Christian religion, and honestly, I can’t blame them.”

To all the people and Christians out there who are not spreading this hate but instead are spreading love and acceptance, I applaud you for living as humans are suppose to live, and that is to love one another no matter what. I encourage you to continue loving and accepting people as they are, because only you can help stop the cycle of hate from continuing.


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