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In the Hotbox with Aron Agerton

By Aron Agerton in Arts & Entertainment

November 10, 2011


Five years.  Five years I have waited.  I filled my time with the UFC, learning how to roast a pork shoulder and on occasion, school.  But finally the new installment of The Elder Scrolls video game series “Skyrim” will be in my Hot Box.

As the last decade has shown us, Bethesda Software has no qualms or coyness when it comes to the risks it requires to make a game not only better than their predecessor but better than all other game out there.  With numerous Game of the Year awards given to not only The Elder Scrolls franchise, but its sister series Fallout, it can be easily said that expectations for the game are rather high.

In both franchises, Bethesda utilized a sandbox map style with over a hundred questlines to be stumbled upon (or found in a game guide).  But it is the combat and role playing system that gamers from all styles of play have come to love.


Skyrim is said by Bethesda to have over 300 hours of gameplay.  You will miss work.  You will skip class.  But most of all there is a 50/50 chance you’re significant other will break up with you because you play this game too much.

So how do we cope with this and still manage to live our lives outside of the game?  Here are my helpful tips:

Tip 1

Do not play the game as a “free time” activity:

Skyrim is not just a game, it’s a book in which you are interacting with the story and in turn cannot put down.  What may seem like twenty to thirty minutes can easily turn into five hours.

So to stop any problems before they start, make a point to clear that predicted amount of time off your calendar.

Tip 2

Do not play the game before class or work:

The game is clearly more fun than your everyday life.  You do not shoot fire out of your hands at your boss and you do not go to class and slay dragons.

Your best way to solve this hairy stitch is to simply wait to get your four hour fix after you get done with your daily routine, other wise you could find yourself wanting to skip and stay put.

Tip 3

Include your significant other in the fun:

No, Skyrim is not two player, so having your lady or man play the game with you is not really an option, but having them help make some of the decision makes them feel as if they are part of time you spend with the game.

This may mean that you might make choices not in style with your character or making your orc have hot pink hair, but it will save you from a few arguments.

Tip 4

If all else fails, get him or her their own game:

My girlfriend hates RPGs and most video games.  But discovered that she absolutely loves lego games.  So I bought her all of them, pulled out my old TV and my old Xbox 360 that over heats after two hours and problem solved.  So drop $40 get her Just Dance 3 and save yourself a few arguments



If you have a game that you want reviewed or have an opinion on send me an email and tell me what you want to read about!



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