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Lots of laughs with Kyle Karmelita

By Jennifer Cronover in Arts & Entertainment

November 10, 2011


Photo courtesy of Jess Walsh

Lock Haven’s Kyle Karmelita is one of a kind. With a witty sense of humor, Karmelita performs improv and stand-up comedy across Pennsylvania.   Studying theatre at Lock Haven University helped Karmelita discover his passion for performance while incorporating his  love of laughter with improv and stand-up comedy.

EE: How did you get in to comedy?

KK: I did it once when I was 12 at a summer camp talent show, and then growing up in bands inbetween our songs I was the one who usually talked to the crowds and I mostly cracked jokes.

EE:What do you like best about performing?

KK: I  like meeting new people and having a million different conversations in one night. I always feel like I am so much smarter after I leave a show.

EE:What type of comedy do perform?

KK: I do observational humor about my past and growing up in my family. I also talk about how I have dreams to become a rapper.

EE:How do you come up with your jokes? Do you pull your stories from personal experiences?

KK: I use jokes about myself and the things I want to do in life. How I don’t really like my grandma, and just other fun stuff like that.

EE: What type of venue do you like performing for the most? Coffee shops, comedy venues, big space, small spaces?

KK: I hate to name drop but the Pittsburgh Improv has so far been my favorite place to do shows at. So far I have been lucky enough to do 2 local comedy nights and it was packed for a Wednesday night, I’m talking over 200 people both times. It was a blast! I just wish I could remember my set but I blacked out mentally during my sets I just remember seeing so many faces enjoying my jokes!

EE:What age group do you normally target with your comedy?

KK: I am going to say all ages like me. But I will say the older you are the less chance you have at liking me, I don’t know why I just have a hard time making the elderly laugh… I think it might be because I am a little soft spoken and they can’t hear me… who knows?

EE: How can people reach you? Facebook, email, website?

KK: “I love emails, and I love doing shows for any amount of people. If there is a stage and a microphone I will tell some jokes. People interested in Kyle Karmelita can reach him at his facebook, Twitter: @kylekarmelita, and email kylekarmelita@gmail.com.  He is currently working on a website which will be up and running within the month.


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