Protect Yourself: Tips for staying safe at LHU

By Ragan Gaenzle in News

November 17, 2011


Photo courtesy of Google Images

Rape at Lock Haven University has decreased since the 2009 incident where three girls were threatened with a knife and held captive for hours.  However, it is still important for students to learn how to protect themselves.

LHU offers crime prevention awareness sessions, educational strategies and tips on sexual assault prevention to make the University a safer place. The Department of Public Safety handles all of these new programs to keep staff, faculty and students aware of how to stay safe. Paul J. Altieri, Director of Public Safety, has hired a trained counselor that can assist anyone in contacting on and off-campus resources for medical, legal, emotional support or living situation following an incident of sexual assault. The counselor is available at any time to schedule appointments to talk about sexual assault or if anyone knows about an incident dealt with sexual assault.

The Women’s Center, an off-campus agency provides 24-hour service, either on the telephone or in-person counseling for victims and secondary victims. They also help out women during medical examinations, police investigations, and legal procedures to be their support system in this traumatic situation. Safe shelters and support groups are another way this agency provides comfort and advice to women that go through sexual assault. Everything is confidential with Lock Haven’s counselor, the Women’s Center, and with the police. Lock Haven University offers a range of support groups on and off-campus to help deal with this serious matter.



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