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Avenue 209 Celebrates 3 wonderful years

By Aron Agerton in News

February 9, 2012


Photo courtesy of Avenue 209’s Facebook page.

For the past three years, Avenue 209 coffee shop has served the community in many ways.  Through music, faith and possibly the best products and service in town, the folks at Avenue have been a keystone in Lock Haven and on Feb. 15 will be hosting a three0year anniverary bash with some of its most loved performers and artists.

Featured at the celebration will be a coffee cupping.  A tasting of  an asssortment of brews from around the world, including tastes from el salvadore, costa rica, andtazania, all brewed in house at Avenue.

Also for the evening, the house shall hold a collection of artists and friends who have helped support the place they love,  Such artists as Aron Agerton, the lovely Emily Wright, song stylings of  Avenue Manager and beard-wearer extrodinaire, Jared Conti.

From the numerous bands and artists that have drifted through like leaves on the wind, the shop will be giving away over a dozen CDs and albums through several raffle during the night.

Avenue has acted as quiet place to commune with friends and colleagues, or ones own thoughts.  The night shall be one to remember and one certainly not to miss.


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