By John Vitale in News

February 9, 2012


Photo courtesy of Facebook

Chani Carroll has accomplished a lot in her time at LHU.

She is serving in her second year as president of a prominent club on campus. She has carried herself with class and projected herself as a leader. She works in the office of human and cultural diversity and she is preparing to graduate in May.

Carroll’s diligence culminated with her recognition as one of two recipients of the Meriam B. Harris Excellence Award for promoting cultural diversity on the LHU campus.

Carroll, a health sciences major, received the award at the Martin Luther King Jr. convocation Jan. 25, a recognition that gave her a great sense of honor and pride.

“It made me very happy to know that people notice my efforts to try and make this campus a little better,” Carroll said regarding her award. “I really felt such a sense of accomplishment.”

Aside from assisting Kenny Hall in the office of human and cultural diversity, Carroll is also president of the club Sophisticated Ladies, which aims to mentor and positively influence young women on campus.

“I’ve been with the group since my first year, but when I became president I kind of had to redefine its purpose, and now we really strive to help women at LHU who may feel unrepresented.”

Carroll hopes to one day serve as an activities director at a college or university and plans on returning to school upon graduating from LHU to pursue a Ph.D. in business.

As Carroll’s advisor Dr. Kathleen Allison, professor of health sciences, has had the pleasure of seeing Carroll’s development since her freshman year and she has seen Carroll take the skills she entered college with and hone those skills to where they are today.

I think she’s going to be highly successful,” Dr. Allison said. “I could definitely see her working in student activities,” She has the personality for that, she has the organizational skills and she has such great communication skills.”



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