Fraternity stereotypes: forget what you know

By Alex Murillo in Opinions

February 16, 2012


What does it meant to be in a Fraternity? Pushups, sit-ups, drink till you puke? Not in these days.

Fraternities are not your stereotypical animal houses anymore and are far from what you see on the television or in movies. Today’s fraternities take a different outlook on what it is to be a brother.

Fraternity Brothers on our campus are role models, striving to make an impact on the community to better their own fraternity, while still managing their time to have fun

Recently, Phi Mu Delta held a dodgeball event to benefit research at Saint Jude’s Hospital, and Kappa Delta Rho participated in their annual highway clean up.

Willy Tratthen, a Kappa Delta Rho brother, said, “It’s always fun to help when helping can be fun! We all had a blast during highway cleanup, it was a good time for us to help out and do something.”

Living in the same house as a lot of these brothers many people have talked to me and shared their stories about what it means being a brother.

Current member of the Kappa Delta Rho Alumni board Roger Way was hazed ruthlessly during the early 90s, hazed so badly that his pledge brothers had to pick up his limp body off the bathroom floor where he had to be driven to the hospital.

This of course had consequences for the active brothers.

Roger then decided to turn it around and do it the right way; this gave future brothers incentive to do what’s right as well.

When I asked Alpha Chi Rho fraternity brother formally known around campus as “Big Mike” what it means to be in a fraternity he said, “It’s about making lifelong friends and memories, I would never trade it for the world.”

Fraternities on this campus have really made an effort to remove their stereotypical branding and pushed themselves to become respected men on campus.

If you are not involved in a fraternity, it’s never too late. Rush begins within the first month after every semester starts and it’s a great time to meet new people and start your journey into becoming a model student and citizen.


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