The oracular beard with Jared Conti

By Jared Conti in Arts & EntertainmentMarch 29, 2012------------------A scene we'd like to see...Long Shiftless SummerNow that the second season of The Walking Dead has ended, there’s not much fun to be had this summer…aside from watching reruns and praying for our own zombie apocalypse. If you’re in the mood to workout, you could always … Continue reading The oracular beard with Jared Conti


Jive with Josie

Got a question, need an answer or just plain nosy? Then send your questions in and jive with Josie. She’s here to help with all your life’s dilemmas, so drop her an e-mail at It’s completely anonymous, so spill your guts and get some advice. Josie,I’m having issues with my roommate. She’s supposed to be my … Continue reading Jive with Josie

Haven History: The sisters and their goats

By Lou Bernard in Arts & EntertainmentMarch 29, 2012-------------------Some years ago, when I first got this job, I began writing columns for a local magazine. It was called Lycoming/Clinton Woman, and it was a women-centered magazine. Yes, at the time I wrote for a women’s’ magazine and worked in a pink museum. Make of it … Continue reading Haven History: The sisters and their goats

Tear off a piece of Pierce’s “Terrier”

By Kyra Smith-Cullen in Arts & EntertainmentMarch 29, 2012-------------------As somebody who loves both fantasy and mystery, it is very hard for me to find a book that combines the two well. But with Tamora Pierce’s book, “Terrier”, I found a perfect match. Though the books are typically classified as teen fiction, it satisfies many things … Continue reading Tear off a piece of Pierce’s “Terrier”

Local cemetery bridges town and gown through past and present

By Jared Conti in NewsMarch 29, 2012------------------Maybe you’ve tromped up the hill for art class to find something to draw, a science class to identify local flora, or just wanted to get a feel for what burial practices are like; Maybe you’ve taken up a sixer or your lovely to get your game on.Whatever the … Continue reading Local cemetery bridges town and gown through past and present

Dance genre does not equal drugs

By Lyndsey Hewitt in OpinionsMarch 29, 2012------------------Recently, two unlikely musicians came into the public eye after an online dispute about drugs. One was Madonna, who is an iconic part of music history and has had a large influence on the world in general. The other was Deadmau5, who, unless you are interested in the dance … Continue reading Dance genre does not equal drugs

“The women who inspire me”

By Caitlin Chciuk in OpinionsMarch 29, 2012------------------March is Women’s History Month, a time to honor the women who have inspired and encouraged us within our lives. For many people, this woman may be their mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend, etc. For me, all of these people within my own life have inspired me.However, there are … Continue reading “The women who inspire me”

Spring concert performance announced

By Lyndsey Hewitt in NewsMarch 29, 2012------------------Student Activities has announced the act for this year’s spring concert: alternative rock band, Third Eye Blind.Many students are thrilled, but some are equally not. After last year’s “90s band," The Goo Goo Dolls, many students were expecting a Top 40 act in 2012. In 2009, T-Pain performed and … Continue reading Spring concert performance announced


By Erin Tierney in Arts & EntertainmentMarch 29, 2012------------------On Thurs. March 22, the HOPE Center held “Let Her Voice be Heard,” a special event convened in recognition and celebration of Women’s History Month.“It was a wonderful showcase of the study of women’s issues that we do here on campus,” said Caitlin Chciuk, a senior majoring … Continue reading LET HER VOICE BE HEARD