SPIRIT investigates Heisey Museum

By Lou Bernard in Arts & Entertainment

March 1, 2012


Lou Bernard/Eagle Eye

On Feb. 18, three ghost-hunting teams got together to investigate the most haunted building in Lock Haven: 362 East Water Street, the Heisey Museum.

“It’s a momentous occasion,” said Anne McCloskey, executive director. “We’ve had ghost-hunting teams in here before, but never three at a time, not in the whole history of the museum.”

SPIRIT, a group of investigators based in Sunbury, reserved the museum for their investigation. The local team, Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers, was invited to join in. And a newer team, the Ghost Girls of Central Pennsylvania, came along. The Ghost Girls are an all-female team from the Centre County area.

The investigation started with equipment set-up. Infrared cameras, digital recorders, thermometers, and still cameras were set up in strategic places throughout the building. Trigger objects are small toys and various objects left in place, in the hopes for ghosts will move them around. The museum’s ice house was designated as the headquarters for the investigation, and all recordings would be reviewed there.

Splitting up, the three teams held EVP sessions in several different rooms. The East Parlor, West Parlor, and adult bedroom were investigated. An EVP session is when the teams test for electronic voice phenomena. This is done by asking questions while a recorder runs, and checking to see if anything comes up on the tape.

This has worked at the museum during previous events. In one case, LHPS captured a voice during a public investigation. In response to a parent saying,”I have my two daughters with me, and they’d like to play,” a ghostly whisper can be heard saying,”Play with me.”

Each team brings their own unique talents and equipment to the table, and all of them benefit from working with the others.

“We could all stand to network with other teams,” says Theresa Brundage, leader of LHPS. “Each of us has different methods, different ideas, that we can share.”

“And we all end up learning,” added Pat Celli, of SPIRIT.

So, did the teams find any new evidence?

It’s possible. During an EVP session in the East Parlor, a garbled voice can be heard in response to a question asked by LHPS’s Jen Geary. While evidence is still being reviewed, each team came away feeling that they’d learned something.

“We had a really fantastic time,” said Amanda Crews, of the Ghost Girls. “We learned a lot and picked up some tips that might help us in the future.”

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