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TV show sparks Divine discussion

By Emily Scotto in News

March 8, 2012


Dr. Daniel Shaw used the show House to illustrate the probability of all things being coincidence and not part of God’s “Divine Plan,” Wednesday night in the Hall of Flags.

There was much debate among the audience regarding the existence of God.  About 20 LHU students in attendance shared their opinions with Shaw.

Shaw, an associate professor of philosophy, said he stopped believing in God after his mother’s death.  He lost his faith in God after cancer spread throughout his mother’s body taking her life.

“After my mother died at age 45, I was mad even though I didn’t believe in God,” Shaw said.

Shaw no longer believed in Divine Providence which he said is the notion that all apparent evil goes into the production of a greater good in the long term. He refused to believe there was a good explanation for his mother’s demise.

“A series of events that happen for good doesn’t prove God exists just as a series of bad events doesn’t prove that God does not,” Shaw said. “The things that happen to us in life don’t happen for a reason they happen simply on coincidence.”

Students at the lecture also shared their personal stories as to why they lost faith in God because of a troubled time in their lives.

“This lecture was mind opening and really made me think about what I believe,” said Josh Eckendorf, an LHU junior.

The episode House was used to illustrate how a series of bad coincidences and good coincidences can change someone’s faith in God.

Many students became more involved by discussing their views on God’s existence with Shaw, after the lecture ended.

Heather Roccomo a senior at LHU said, “This speech actually made me want to pick up the Bible and read it.”


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