Jamaal May

On Thurs., Mar. 29, Jamaal May, a three-time Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam Champion and two-time Individual World Poetry Slam finalist, came to LHU as a part of the UpWrite Reading Series. The minute May came to stage, he  instantaneously collected the eyes of the audience. There was not a single eye astray once his slams started to spew.

“The kickback was barely noticeable

like the movement of a trapped animal

that knows it cannot escape. The kickback

was subtle,  but you felt it. I know you did,

because I felt it too.”


“Click. Click. I’m empty. Empty.

like a freshly minted casket. Empty

like the gun holster of a dead soldier. I am empty

like his eyes. Empty”


“Cuts are lunular, half question marks. Her

skin, a barrier broken between teeth.”


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