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Student Spotlight: James Vesey

By Katelyn Hibbard in News

April 5, 2012


Katelyn Hibbard/Eagle Eye

James Vesey has become a household name at Lock Haven University.

As a non-traditional student who served a four-year term as a paratrooper in the army, Vesey has evolved into president of the University Players, president of the university choirs, vice president of Alpha Psi Omega, and has started an LHU chapter of the Academic Choral Directors Association as well as the Student Budget Response Committee.

Furthermore, he is stage managing and assistant directing for the main stage production of “Unnecessary Farce” which will run in Sloan auditorium for several days starting April 12.

On top of these accomplishments, Vesey was given the opportunity to start up a women’s choir in the fall semester of 2011.

“I am forever in debt to Prof. [Ron] Miller who has given me the opportunity of working with a choir. Most undergrads don’t get this kind of experience. Yet another reason to fight for state school funding and keeping class sizes small,” Vesey said. “Only in this kind of environment can students be exposed to such opportunities.”

His many achievements aside, Vesey appears to be most well-known by the student body for his constant support and leadership in the current student rallies against Gov. Tom Corbett’s (R-Pa.)budget proposal.

He lead the funeral march put together by the University Players in early February; he spoke out against Corbett at a pre-rally in late March; and he made sure his voice was heard in Harrisburg March 28.

“Don’t cut our budgets anymore. Restore the cuts you made last year, and stop meddling in our education,” Vesey told demonstrators in relation Corbett while in Harrisburg.

Vesey continues to fight Corbett’s budget proposal because of his career goals; he intends to go to graduate school for a masters degree in either choral conducting or opera performance.

“[The cuts] will affect whether I graduate,” Vesey said. “They’ll affect whether I’ll have the faculty and the classes I need in order to graduate [on time], and my federal loans are running out.”

To further protest Corbett’s efforts, Vesey along with the Student Budget Response Committee will play off the TLC hit “Intervention” by creating an intervention for Corbett himself. Vesey would not provide further details.

The University Players also have future plans against the proposal for LHU’s upcoming Legislators Day.

The group hopes to play off the Box City scenario used at last year’s Legislators Day, but they’ll be adding a twist in honor of Friday the Thirteenth, Vesey said.


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