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Remembering Davey Jones

By Lou Bernard in Arts & Entertainment

April 12, 2012


You may remember Davy Jones from the Monkees, the pop-rock group from the early seventies. You may have seen him on the Brady Bunch, heard him on the radio, or any number of other appearances he made over the years. Davy Jones was born in Manchester, England, on December 30, 1945. He died February 29 of this year after a severe heart attack.

Fans grieved for Davy Jones. So did one local woman who knew him: Millie Crawford, Lock Haven resident, wife and mother, and member of the ghost-hunting group Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers.

Crawford, 55, worked for Federal Express, delivering packages in Lycoming County and the surrounding areas.

“While delivering in Beavertown, for an Alan Green,” she explains,”I noticed a lot of packages for a David Jones. Didn’t think much about it, since Jones is such a common name. Then a package from the Monkees caught my eye. So I asked Alan about it, and he told me that he and Davy were writing his book ‘They Made A Monkee Out Of Me.’ He showed me what was being delivered….Pictures of Davy! It was great to have seen them.”

Crawford, who now lives not far from Lock Haven University, says that Jones didn’t live in the area at the time, but soon after the incident with the photos, he purchased a house there, along her route.

“I’ll never forget it,” says Crawford. “The first day I met him was when I was delivering a package. He had this dog named Shades….The dog came around, barking, and I heard a British voice call,’Shades!’ I didn’t even turn around at first, but I knew it was him.”

Crawford laughs, retelling the story. “He signed for his own package. That was one of the greatest days of my life. I still have that delivery slip.”

She got to know Jones, over the years. Speaking of him, she has a clear respect and affection. “He was a very nice man, very down to earth. Kind. And he had a daughter who was cute….A little kid talking in a British accent.”

After that, she saw Jones often, eventually becoming friends with him.

“After the book came out,” Crawford explains,”Davy was going to the Nittany Mall in State College for a book signing. I was asked to help out. How honored I was. My daughter and I both helped that day.” She smiles, clearly enjoying the memory. “When his car had to be moved from its parking spot, I was asked to move it. I drove Davy Jones’s car.”

Later, after the book signing, she bumped into him again. Jones told her that things had been a little crazy, busy with the book and the TV series “My Two Dads.” Crawford watched the show, and enjoyed talking with Jones about it after it aired.

Jones died this year at the age of 66. He is missed by his fans and fellow singers, and also by Crawford, who considered him a friend.

“I have autographed pictures,” she says,”And two autographed books from him. I’ll treasure them always.”



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