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Student Spotlight: Nakira Downes

By Katelyn HIbbard in News

April 12, 2012


Katelyn Hibbard/Eagle Eye

While she was nine months pregnant, Nakira Downes’ mother continued to play field hockey. Two days after giving birth, she was back on the field. Now, field hockey runs in her daughter’s blood.

“I’ve been playing since I could walk,” freshman Downes, who is studying health and physical education, said. “I was born to play.”

A Barbados native, Downes was offered a field hockey scholarship to play field hockey in the states at LHU. She has played in several different US states and in countries including England, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Although she has played with many different field hockey teams, Downes said there’s not much difference in the game from team to team, just in the players.

“I’m learning to bond with LHU’s players,” she said. “I’m learning to fit in with the way they play and their different styles.”

Downes gave a presentation on her home island of Barbados Wednesday night in the PUB. She described the sunny beaches and how Barbados is always warm.

Downes said she misses the food, the lovely weather, beaches, and her family and friends the most.


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