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Celebration of Scholarship allows alumni to ‘give back’

By Julie Story in News

April 19, 2012


Lock Haven University will host its fifth annual Celebration of Scholarship (COS), which allows students, faculty, and alumni to present their research to the university and community on April 25.

This year, the following alumni are participating in COS: Paul Brennan, Alexander Hambleton, Douglas Madenford, Renee Rosier, and Justin Wilhelm.

Now Principal at Riverside School District in Moosic, PA, Paul Brennan graduated from LHU in 2001 with a degree in Elementary Education.  He remembers, “Student teaching was very challenging.”

With additional experience as a teacher and coach, Brennan wants to “give back to those LHU students who are about to enter a field in which they can really make a difference!”

At COS, he will share his love of education with developing teachers and help them learn how to transfer their LHU education to classrooms.

Alumnus Alexander Hambleton is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Philosophy at West Chester University.  After graduation from LHU in 2007 with majors in Business Administration and Accounting and minors in Philosophy and Political Science, he worked as a manager and transportation planner.

At COS, Hambleton will argue his perspective on the value of wisdom in organizations.  He believes COS is valuable for students because “There is a certain amount of pride and esteem that can be derived from presenting your own work and that is important for undergraduates to experience.”

Douglas Madenford believes that COS is “a great opportunity for current LHU students to see what roads former LHU students have traveled after leaving the Haven.”  An Adjunct German Professor at Penn State and a German Instructor for Keystone Central School District, Madenford graduated from LHU in 2002 with majors in German and International Studies.

He said, “My greatest experience at LHU was having the opportunity to study abroad in Germany during my sophomore year.”

After obtaining a Master of Education in German Language and Literature from Millersville University, Madenford published a beginner’s textbook on the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect and began writing a weekly blog in the dialect.  At COS, he will detail his efforts to preserve the Pennsylvania Dutch language.

In 2007, alumna Renee Rosier graduated from LHU as a Biology major with concentrations in Ecology and Environmental Science and a Geology minor.

“I always loved Biology, but was inspired to become a scientist myself after interacting with the outstanding faculty at LHU,” she said.

Rosier is currently a doctoral candidate in Biology at Penn State.  Her presentation at COS will highlight some of her dissertation work on how sibling lizards interact with each other and their environments.

Rosier sees COS as an “an excellent opportunity for students to meet with alumni and learn from their experiences.” She looks forward to speaking with students about research opportunities.

Also from the LHU class of 2007, Justin Wilhelm is a research chemist in the Automotive Group for AkzoNobel Powder Coatings.  He graduated with degrees in Chemistry and Nanotechnology and was promoted to scientist after only three years in the field.

“My major coursework in chemistry laid the groundwork for the research techniques and knowledge base that I use on a day-to-day basis in polymer chemistry and coatings,” he said.

Wilhelm’s COS presentation will provide a general overview of the use of powder coatings and his exploratory research on aluminum wheel coatings.  He hopes to “promote undergraduate awareness regarding research and external experience.”

Brennan, Hambleton, Madenford, Rosier, and Wilhelm are eager to return to the Haven and “give back” to LHU during their Celebration of Scholarship presentations.  If you are interested in attending, please see the event program located on LHU’s website for details.


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