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Join in the battle to take back the night

By Angela Fries in Arts & Entertainment

April 19, 2012


Angela Fries/Eagle Eye

Sometimes the pen can be just as mighty as the sword.

Dr. Elizabeth Gruber and two Lock Haven students demonstrated the power of the pen at the fourth annual Take Back the Night with readings from Alice Sebold, June Jordan and an original poem by student, Dereck Rodriguez.

Dr. Elizabeth Gruber, HOPE center director read moving selections from award winning writer, Alice Sebold’s memoir, “Lucky.”

Gruber quoted, “Those who say they would rather fight to the death than be raped are fools. I would rather be raped a thousand times. You do what you have to.”

“To me they are such a beautiful statement to the triumph of her life and the fact that she is a survivor,” said Gruber.

Gruber encouraged the audience to read the book if they had not yet done so. Her mother recommended the book after a student at the university she was attending had been raped.

Kyle Brett, a junior majoring in English, passionately spoke the words of June Jordan’s “Poem About my Rights.”

“My status as a woman alone in the evening, alone on the streets,” quoted Brent, “alone not being the point, the point being that I can’t do what I want to do with my own body because I am the wrong sex.”

These words were spoken by Brent with such enthusiasm, and were given power that cannot be put into words.

Rodriguez, member of Lyrically Speaking, presented the audience with an original poem.

Rodriguez titled his poem “The Owl Speaks,” and moved the crowd with his abilities to speak in a lyrical and rhythmic fashion.

“Silence cannot protect you and that idea is what influenced this poem,”

said Rodriguez.


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