Theater students get festive

By Kyra Smith-Cullen in Arts & Entertainment

April 19, 2012


Students and theatre staff are gearing up for this weekend’s fourth annual Theater-Fest on Saturday, April 21. The event is aimed towards students who want to get a taste of college theatre.

“It’s also an advertising opportunity for the university. We’ll have the chance to showcase what the theater department has to offer high school students who want to be involved in theater during their college years,” said Patrick Weeber, who is a sophomore Business major, as well as the Public Relations Co-Chair for the University Players and a student planner for Theater-fest. “Everybody helps each other out, and it makes things go by faster.”

This year, 208 students from high schools and middle schools within an hour and a half driving distance were invited to participate in workshops that will focus on introducing them to college dramatics. Professors like Dale Young and Ramona Broomer, plus students, will be leading sessions to enhance skills like stage make up, creating a story line, and improv. So far, school response hasn’t been the best, since only three schools had registered for the event, but there is no shortage of Lock Haven University students who are willing to donate their time and experience.

“We have 30 plus student helpers sign up, so it’ll be a big event, even with the school response,” said Weeber.

Since this is the fourth year that the university has hosted Theatre-Fest, it has given coordinator Kathy Dorner time to locate previous problems and improve them to hopefully give the students the best possible experience.

The event will end with the matinee show of the University’s Players ‘Unnecessary Farce’, so that participants can see a college performance in action.

“Schools will go to workshops all day and that will build up to the performance, allowing the students to see the final product of everything that was covered,” said Weeber.

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