Networking at the 2012 SEME Conference

By Adam Williams in Sports

May 3, 2012


Photo courtesy of Professor Wartella

In late March, several Sports Administration majors along with other students from LHU, traveled down to Washington D.C. to the 2012 SEME Conference.

The conference was hosted at the Washington Nationals Ballpark and featured many prominent speakers within the sports media profession.

Representatives from the NCAA, NHL, NFL, Under Armour, and many other well known franchises were present and helpful with any question directed their way during the question and answer segments at the end of each presentation.

Keynote speakers included Ryan Kuehl, Director of Professional Sports for Under Armour, Karen Irish of the USA Olympic Committee and Tom Buesse, President, USA TODAY Sports Media Group.

The two day event allowed students and young professionals from all over the United States sit in on presentations geared to specific marketing trends, upcoming technologies and event management.

A highlight for many attending was the hour long lunch-in, where one on one time was alotted to the attendees.  This allowed them to network with certain individuals who were in their field of interest.

The 2012 SEME Conference was set up and run by Sports Administration students studying at Georgetown University and it was the first time in the event’s history that it had been done.

A phenomenal success from every aspect, those who attended gained much more knowledge about future professions and more importantly, business cards from potential future employers.



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