Outstanding Alumnus: Bryan Janke

By Katelyn Hibbard in News

May 3, 2012


Photo courtesy of Bryan Janke

What do you think of when you envision all of the different applications, or apps, available for products such as iPods? Maybe the conveniences of having them, their interactivity, or the mass number of apps in existence now.

What about the computer coding that goes into making the apps? That’s Bryan Janke’s main focus.

Janke, an LHU 2004 graduate, currently works with the Perceptive Pixel Multitouch Screen – an 80-inch, “iPad-esque” computer screen – as 6ABC channel’s digital graphics producer in Philadelphia.

His job is to make apps that allow further interactivity with this giant monitor, so that the talent – or local anchors – may use the screen seamlessly while on air. His team creates the pieces, so to speak, while he codes them and makes the apps usable. He also performs maintenance for the on-air graphic systems.

Janke thanks both Karen Kline, Ph.D, who is a communication professor at the university, as well as “being in the right place at the right time” for his success.

“I would not be at 6ABC right now if I hadn’t been able to fill multiple roles at the station I worked at after graduation,” Janke said in an email. “I am now the only programmer in ABC-owned station groups that build custom applications for on-air use,” he added.

Currently, Janke is working on a new interactive election app that will include the electoral map and track election results live. He intends for the model to be completed in time for the fall campaign.

As 6ABC implemented the 80-inch interactive touch screen about two years before many of the other local stations, Janke also hopes that the other stations will also put his election app to use.

Thanks to Janke’s excellence in the communication field since his graduation, he will receive the Rebecca Gross Award at Friday’s ceremony held in PUB meeting room two. Janke will also be the guest speaker for the event.

Throughout the ceremony, Janke will explain his current career, the hard work and determination that got him there, and the ways that the university contributed to his success.

Janke has always had a love for technology, particularly computers. During his years at LHU, he and his roommate built a computer of their own in their dorm.

“I think at that point in time we actually had more editing software than LHU,” Janke said.

Some of his other college hobbies included Havenscope, WLHU Radio, and the Neuman Community.

Nowadays, when he’s not working with the big screen, Janke said, he’s spending time with his three children or playing video games.

Janke also participates on the TV station’s softball team and continues his hobby of building and working on computers.

Janke is enthusiastic about returning to campus. He said he looks forward to seeing past professors and even sitting in on one of Kline’s classes Friday.

“I am very thankful and humbled by the recognition,” Janke wrote. “I am used to working behind the scenes and don’t usually seek the limelight. That said, it is pretty cool to be recognized by my alma-mater.”



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