Rec Management students go to camp

By Anna Cornog in News

May 3, 2012


Photo courtesy of Anna Cornog

Students majoring in recreation management in the community/commercial track as well as the outdoors track are required to take RECR325: Camp Counseling and Administration. All semester long, Lock Haven recreation management members planned a three-day camp for the Central Mountain Middle School 6th grade students.

The trip took place at Lock Haven University’s Sieg center on April 24, 25, and 26. The title of the camp this year was Camp Discovery, and the slogan was “discover the outdoors; discovering you.”

Day one included various activities that took place all throughout campus. The group started out in the Student Rec. Center for basic team building activities, and then moved along to the football stadium, the ropes course, and the Zimmerli pool. After these activities, the group went to Bentley to have one last meal before heading to camp.

Day two of camp focused on various outdoor education topics such as survival guidelines, life cycles, insect identification, knot tying, and tree identifications. During the evening hours, everyone stood by the camp fire; many camp songs were sung and s’more and mountain pies were enjoyed.

The final day of camp included another rotation of outdoor schooling and then lunch, followed by final goodbyes.


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