A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

It is repeatedly said that newspapers are puttering out of our practical, fast-paced existence, that they’ve become an outdated medium no longer sustainable, and therefore must perish. Rather than become disgruntled by this notion, I intend to disprove it.

In your hands is an unorthodox adaptation of a newspaper; it is a convenient and eye-pleasing form of communication laced together with the integrity of a traditional newspaper—just with more spunk.

It doesn’t seem sensible to believe that print journalism is phasing itself out without first attempting to rearrange and rediscover its potential. It can’t be denied that print journalism should change when everything around it is, in fact, changing. As society changes, journalism has no choice but to adapt. Individual publications unwilling to adapt to new environments should not speak for the medium as a whole.

Newspapers should not feel like they’re in a rat race with the Internet–they should accept how the Internet surpasses them (timeliness, unlimited availability of information) and utilize what the Internet lacks (tangibility and locality) to their advantage. As soon as print publications discontinue their competition with the Internet, print can stop looking exhausted and start looking vivacious again.

This is our attempt to restore the livelihood of print publications. We appreciate your support and hope that you’re as enthused as we are to keep this integral element of democracy alive.

Happy readings, everyone.

-Erin Tierney, Editor-in-Chief


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