Fairview Suites up and running: underwhelming and overpriced?

By Marissa Knabe
Guest Writer

Lock Haven University hasn’t seen new dorms since the seventies, but just over a year after construction first started on Fairview Suites it opened it’s doors just in time for the start of the school year.

Fairview Suites is the only dorm that provides students with private bathrooms and common rooms, along with air conditioning. These added luxuries come with a heftier check compared to the older dorms. Students will pay $3,720 a semester for a shared room in the suites while students in the older dorms will be paying $2,356.

With the higher price the new residents are expecting to be getting their money’s worth however, maintenance problems and room issues have been causing a stir around the dorm.

At 4 a.m. Sept. 9, the blaring of the fire alarm abruptly awakened residents of the suites. The students were ushered to the recreation center where they were to stay until 6 a.m. The cause of the fire alarm was a shower overflowing and leaking onto the fire alarm in the room below.

“The way the showers are designed, in order to satisfy certain codes and regulations, [they] have almost no lip for a wheelchair to roll into,” said Richard Getgen, assistant director and operations manager of facilities. “Because of that we’re getting water on the floor, which is causing problems down through.”

Other common problems students have been dealing with have been air conditioning thermostats not working, the new paint chipping, the easily stained countertops, and the dryers leaving clothes still soaked after an hour.

Maintenance crews have had their own share of problems with things such as the receptacles.

“Whoever originally installed [the receptacles] didn’t push them in tight. We had six or eight different outlets that we [had to fix],” said Getgen.

These problems have left a few Fairview Suites residents disgruntled.

“I personally think they built them too fast. You can’t expect to build a hall of this magnitude in a year,” Jessica Joseph, sophomore communication major, said. “Honestly I would have rather lived in McEntire again.”

Despite the problems not all students are unhappy with the suites. Residents are enjoying many perks such as the privacy of their own rooms and movable furniture that isn’t bolted down.

“I like living in Fairview because I get my own bathroom. I’m a little germophobic when it comes to sharing the bathroom,” Mike McAndraw, sophomore, said. “I also like the fact that there’s air conditioning and the whole building is wireless so I don’t have to lug around Ethernet cords with me everywhere. I would definitely live here again.”

Students should be rest assured that with all new buildings come certain issues and they should try to bear with them as best they can.

“The building has never been used before, so things are going to happen until we get the chance to really let it run for a while. [The students] are seeing more issues now then they will be two months from now once we’ve had a chance to work the glitches out”, said Keith Roush, director of facilities.

Roush also complimented the contractors on a great job; “They met the schedule while a lot of people didn’t think they were going to get it constructed in time. I mean you got to give them credit for that. They poured concrete one day in one area then followed it right up with framing.”

If residents of any hall are having maintenance issues the best way to get them resolved is to send an email to a resident director. Sending an email is very important because it leaves a paper trail and the resident director can put a work order in immediately to try to get any problem resolved.



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