Finding Healthy Food On Campus

Ryan Rose
Ads Manager

Suppose you aren’t the average American, stuffing down fried chicken plucked fresh from a river of ranch dressing. If you’re allergic to some foods, have certain intolerances, religious restrictions, or ethical diets, you may not have the easiest time finding food in Lock Haven. Wing Night Wednesday is a great way to break up the week with a heart attack, but not particularly conducive to anything else. For the skinny scavenger, this small town can be restrictive, but there are ways around this.

Upper Bentley is every Lock Haven student’s favorite dining location, at least for proximity. For vegetarians and vegans, the Nature’s Haven was meant to provide a daily variety of options. This section has shrunk recently, but there are other choices if you’re willing to do some walking and talking. Pasta is a simple and easy alternative for when you find yourself standing in front of the “healthy” version of a Hamburger Helper. There has historically been a closet, found to the left of the entrance, filled with gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free foods. There are packaged, microwaveable items such as classic Indian dishes and a few different soups.

If you’re ever in doubt about the ingredients of a specific item, you can always speak to the cooks. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Lower Bentley has a few slight advantages over its buffet-style brother. Salsa Brava, for example, allows complete customization of your burrito or Walking Taco. The Burger’s-n-Stuff grill also has vegan burgers. If you’re more of a sandwich person, a personalized wrap can be made at the deli. When it comes to stocking your fridge there are a few frozen food items in the market that are vegetarian, vegan, or allergen-free.

Eating in town can be one of the more difficult tasks as a student. At the same time, restaurants are there to bring you specially made meals. Don’t worry about offending them by spelling out what you need. They’re there for your satisfaction. And tips. 


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